Do butterfly XT caps fit in zeros?


I noticed the new Hello Kitty butterfly XT’s and was wondering if the caps would fit in a zero


It’s like a 10 dollar yoyo

If the caps don’t fit, you can just get the Butterfly XT silicone recessed, which would be dope.

But they most likely will


That doesn’t help answer my question.


I will try when I get home. I don’t think though because the XT caps fall in rather then dome out like fhz caps do. (also think they are a differnt size around.) have you seen the domed out pro yo ones? they look really nice. I think I may get some of those because I am fairly positive they will fit fh2/freakhands. :slight_smile:
“posting this mainly to remind me to check it out when I get home.”


Hey guys, any one ever figure out if the Butterfly XT caps will fit in a FHZ?


Nope. The Butterfly XT caps are slightly smaller. Same goes with Pro-Z caps.


Sigh, that’s too bad! Thanks for the info though.