DNA,Svszb, GM2, VK,New Breed, legacy, tattooed FHZ, 401Ks and more


Paypal only

last call before ebay…

Salmon DNA Minty fresh once owned by the great Jason lee 80 Shipped

Gold/Green VK Minty hardly thrown 60 Shipped

pair of duncan crews. Ones dual siliconed and others pad recessed mint bodies some marks on the caps 40 each Shipped

Yuuki 401K Minty super smooth 70 each
Black no Engravings Mint super smooth

07 Worlds FHZ Gold bionic schmooved and silied 30 Shipped Minty

Purple Sparkle No Jive Mint hardly used super niice

(tommyfournierrulesalot) #3

wait, a vk for 60 bucks?


Is the VK still on sale ?


shouldn’t you cross the DNA off the list since i’ve already paid you for it, jsut wondering if you shipped it though


Is the VK still for sale?

(system) #7