I used to make these counter weights. They are made of borosilicate glass, Commonly refered to as Pyrex.
This results in a very strong glass product. Of all of the ones I made I never had a report of one breaking, but I did here of one bending a matador spike on an EKG.
If there is interest I may start making them again.
What do you think?


Do you do custom boro work ? Always nice to see a glass blower in other areas then the traditional smoking accessories (not that this is wrong I just like seeing the craft used elsewhere also).

Some nice dichro and fuming in those pieces.


Looks sick! How much are they going for?


I’d buy a few of them if they’re priced reasonably.


I think I used to do them for 12 a pop


Huh I always thought you stopped making those because of duncan getting on your case.
Those are cool, could you make them an exact weight like to the .0 gram?, or would they very a bit in weight? also can you make them square?


I remember these from the good ol’ YYN days…


I would buy one they look amazing. Plus if you did custom colors I will pay 1/4 of the actual price extra.


Custom generally runs more then 25% extra most of the custom things I’ve gotten were somewhere in the 40-50% more (but I like fancy lol) but this might not be the case in these.


Never had an issue with Duncan about them. I’m sure if I started selling too many I would though. Lol
I stopped because i only had small orders. It isn’t worth firing up the torch and kiln to just make 1 or 2. I can decide the weight down to the .01 of a gram. I guess what I would do is make them by run. Make like 20 of them at a crack and sell them off.


Man those are tight. I love handmade things here in the U.S.A. I absolutely love the idea and with all the different ways to customize, I don’t see how these wouldn’t fly off the shelves. I don’t see how Duncan could say anything. Just don’t call them counter-weights and what could they do? They could stop you from making blown glass with a hole through the middle of it? I would definitely buy one or more. I think if you dropped the price, even though $12 a piece isn’t bad, to like $6 a piece, they would absolutely kill. Good luck man!


Yes sign me up for your first run please.


These shapes are strange. Do you make spherical ones? I’ve been looking for a good spherical counterweight with a decent mass (12-13 grams) for a while.