DIY Polished YoYoMagic T8 Shadow


It seems I can’t leave well enough alone… after refinishing my cheap Maverick I decided my even cheaper T8 needed a custom touch. I had found some of my old wheel polish, so I chucked the T8 in my trusty drill. After 3 grits of sandpaper to remove the anodizing in some spots and make everything nice and smooth the polish worked its magic. Let me know what you think!


looks good.


Holy shit. How do you do that? Any tutorials?


Nicely done. Just need to take the polished areas a little finer to remove the lines.


Garbage pail kids!! Looks awesome, is that a decent yoyo for its price?


For $10 you literally cant go wrong. My bearing was REALLY loud, my friends wasn’t so loud. I put a tiny bit of graphite powder in the bearing and now its much smoother and quieter.


What is its sleep time? Weight? And is it truly unresponsive?