Diverse Animals

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The Diverse Animals R&D team has been hard at work to realize this dream. Regardless of the risks involved, we feel that our audience is an important factor to consider in the design and production process. As a small company, constantly at awe with the scale of our surroundings, it is the dreamers that can give us our footing in our mission to deliver.

Introducing the Diverse Animals ‘Bering Sea Too’:

As you can see, the Diverse Animals R&D team has been hard at work creating the latest technology. This time we are bringing back the transaxle, but with a twist! We started with a steel transaxle, but were appalled by the screeching against the steel axle. Then we added a second transaxle outside of the first because that’s how incremental development works. You just add one to everything.

Speaking of adding things…yo-yoers like sleep time, so we wanted to add some of that to the ingredients list too. This made us increment even harder until we came up with an idea. Why add just one transaxle to our transaxle? So in addition to the transaxle within the transaxle, we added eight more tiny transaxles in between the previously mentioned two. Finally, we added dust covers to keep the little transaxles inside and the outsides outside.

This design is truly innovative and potentially game changing. Because if there’s one thing you can count on Diverse Animals for providing, it’s rationality.



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tbt to three years ago when people thought this would exist

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Interested, but haven’t seen them on the site yet.


They are now set to go on sale Thursday (July 7th)!


Do you know what the price will be? Doesn’t really matter, I’m probably going to purchase one anyway, just curious.



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patrick condon is an amazing dude and anything with his name on it is probably incredible




Looks sexy


I’m playing around with some new prototypes. I have not started producing this model in quantity yet, but in the meantime there are still a few Disasters listed in the YYE store.


ooh, love the look of that blue/white fade!


That looks a little slimmer than the past models