Distorted yo-yo when photo is taken too close?


Just as I stated earlier - wide angle lenses will distort an image no matter if your camera is full frame or cropped sensor - if you want your yoyo images to be correct as possible (for selling purposes) get yourself a telephoto lens or lens zoom (for phones) this will eliminate ANY warp or distortion in your images.

The further you are from the subject (yoyo) + the zoom from the lens will leave no room for any of that funky sh**

I went to art school and got a degree in Photography, so if any of you have questions regarding camera gear and/or specifics please don’t hesitate to PM me!


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It’s not the focal length of the lens, it’s the distance from the sensor that distorts the image. If you’re using a wider lens, you’re shoving the camera up the yoyos arse to get the photo. You can even get some distortion with long macro lenses. If you have a telephoto lens, you’re usually not doing that.

I only mentioned the sensor size for the sake of accuracy as 21mm is very different on Full Frame/APSC/MFT/1" ect



Yes makes sense, I suggest the telephoto for the exact reason that you brought up with a wide lens - def don’t kiss the yoyo with your lens lol - that will make for some goofy images in terms of shape accuracy.


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that explains a lot



Other thing to chime in too…if taken on a DSLR and particularly in RAW format, the photo could have had lens corrections applied, all really depends on the lens too. In my DSLR lenses, I have a “fisheye lens” and another “wide angle lens”. The fisheye lens always creates distortion while the wide angle is what is known as a rectilinear lens…so when I take a photo of a building, the lines are very straight and no bowing. Of course as you get closer in, you are still going to get some barrel distortion. I may have forgotten to apply the lens correction in post though too.

Still may notice some curviness toward the right edge of the photo I took (purple drop tower ride). But this was taken on that rectilinear lens.

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Only just saw this.

Actually digital zoom is fine for forums and instagram since they’re the same thing in regards to focal distance distortion, you (obviously) just lose resolution but 12mp is way more then enough for a bit of cropping on those platforms. I guess it matters if you want to take wallpaper photos or you want to print them.