Distorted yo-yo when photo is taken too close?


Just as I stated earlier - wide angle lenses will distort an image no matter if your camera is full frame or cropped sensor - if you want your yoyo images to be correct as possible (for selling purposes) get yourself a telephoto lens or lens zoom (for phones) this will eliminate ANY warp or distortion in your images.

The further you are from the subject (yoyo) + the zoom from the lens will leave no room for any of that funky sh**

I went to art school and got a degree in Photography, so if any of you have questions regarding camera gear and/or specifics please don’t hesitate to PM me!

(Jordan Blofeld) #42

It’s not the focal length of the lens, it’s the distance from the sensor that distorts the image. If you’re using a wider lens, you’re shoving the camera up the yoyos arse to get the photo. You can even get some distortion with long macro lenses. If you have a telephoto lens, you’re usually not doing that.

I only mentioned the sensor size for the sake of accuracy as 21mm is very different on Full Frame/APSC/MFT/1" ect


Yes makes sense, I suggest the telephoto for the exact reason that you brought up with a wide lens - def don’t kiss the yoyo with your lens lol - that will make for some goofy images in terms of shape accuracy.