Display your knitted or crochet artwork!

Hey guys I wanted to make a thread for all the throwers who knit or crochet, so come on in a show your stuff. I just started yesterday and im hooked. I may not be the best but im getting better, this is all the stuff i did today and last night since i started yesterday.

Almost finished with this one, its about 95 percent done. I just need to add crucial on the black side and BAM a crucial scarf.


Pretty sweet!

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Those bags are really cool! My sister crochets I’ll have to see if she can make some for me.

have her use a H/8-5.00MM needle it makes the bag a lot softer to carry yoyos.

new item added (scarf)

my wife’s making cool pouches ^^


oh man thoes look amazing, I love the first and the last one. I am still trying to find out how to make something like that skull when I crochet but it escapes me.

thanks for her, I’ll let her know. :wink:

we sold a few ones at EYYC, people seemed to like em, but it’s a lot of work only to make one.

Made this yesterday with size 5 (bulky) yarn and a 8mm hook.


Hey @pinhead I know it is a long shot but do you have the old pics from the first post? I had to remove the imageshack links as they are all dead now.

There is a lot of bit rot on the web…

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Are you talking about the photos I posted? or someone elses posts?

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In the first post there were a ton of photobucket links but they were dead as a door :nail_care:

here you go, I had to reaaaaaaaally dig on my facebook to find the old photos.


You make me want to get back into crochetting, that’s some soft looking bags, and I’m going to assume that’s a cat plush? I want one, and I want to put a yoyo in it.


The cat is from this pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dumpling-kitty

I used worsted weight and it came out a bit bigger than I expected. Probably the most challenging project I’ve worked on so far, I had stitch count errors constantly because I really screwed up the first couple of layers. The bottom is stitched onto the top so you could definitely leave it 1/4 open to store things inside, but the kitty is kind of lumpy without a stuffing inside.

The yoyo pouches are a lot easier! I’m using size 6 or 7 yarn, so they come together really quickly.

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I really like your pouches, by the way! I just tried a drawstring version of mine this morning for a friend’s Heist (so, super small) and it’s certainly a lot faster than creating another round top and sewing it on.

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Not knitted or crocheted or mine, but my kid made me this ankle bracelet out of old yo-yo string.


My latest. This took me a good while.


During the holidays Hobby Lobby put their yarn on sale. I bought 20 skeins, knitting needles, crochet needles, books, and good intentions. - Now I am watching for a sale on motivation.


ok, that’s pretty cool.