Disney meet up anybody?

Hey everybody, I will be at Disneyland for two days, the 29-30 specifically. Anyone going too around that time that wants to hang out and do some throwing? Pm me your phone number if you want to hang.

Ah, too bad. I went in April and will be going back sometime in August and again in November(annual pass holder!)

It does sound like fun though!

Couldn’t you use going in August as an excuse to go to worlds, since you said you might have difficulty being able to go…

EDIT: I just realised that you probably meant the place in California. It’s so confusing, you Americans have way too many theme parks. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a shame, I’m going on Tuesday the 5th. Maybe someone else is going that day?

It was great! Met another yoyoer that should be joining the forums soon!