(Discussion) Style to Country?

This is something I have wondered about, and it would be an interesting topic to discuss.

So At worlds this year, a few of us were watching a certain player from here in the US, and upon seeing his yoyoing, many commented that his style was “so Japanese”.

Awhile back, I had released a 1A video experimenting with tech that was heavily based off of inspiration from Evan Geller’s 1A. And I received a few comments from different individuals saying “You have a very Polish style in this video”.

And throughout my years of yoyoing, I have heard people say “Japanese style” “Russian style” “Polish Style” “Brazillian style” And more recently, I have heard “Hong Kong style” and “Singapore style”

So my question is this.

Do you see that each country seems to have its own “style” as people call it that seems to mostly be done among people of said country?
If so, what are defining factors that make that style so obvious as the (blank) style. (e.g, something and something makes this the Russian style)

And also, (and this has been talked about at clubs and contest before) many people say that the US doesn’t have one of these “styles” that other countries have, because everyones is very different. (The same has been said about Canadian yoyoers), so if you see this as so, why do you think this may be?

Again, these are terms and things that I have heard tossed around during many a contest, meeting, and comments on videos.

What do you see?


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I’ve never really noticed it till I went to worlds this year too. there is absolutely a style per country. I guess it’s who you hang around with when you throw.

Nice Topic!

Well you got to admit. MOST Japanese players are tech and very fast.

Very interesting. I thought about this, but I didn’t want to sound like I’m stereotyping, but you worded this well.

Sorreh if my answer sounds racial.

I’m about 75% serious when I say this.

Japanese players tend to go faster and “Techier.” Maybe it’s because They live in Japan? Let me clarify my thought process on this. Japan is an island nation, as most of you know. There is a VERY large fishing industry in Japan, and because of this, fish is in their diets. A lot of fish. Tech tricks to me are tricks that are complex and take brain power. Fish has been proven to be “brain food.” (See where I’m going with this?) So Eat lots of fish=think better.


Or, because Japan is known for technology, they named a style after their TECHnology.

You might be on to something :wink: although I believe this “style” difference between the different countries is not only prevalent in yo-young. Take for instance, the Japanese, to point out one group, seem to be technical in many things they do, or maybe they are very into hobbies/ great enthusiasts! In the sport of drifting the Japanese have a more technical style in their driving; tighter turns, focus on angle, fast turns, etc… The American drifters focus on overall speed, long drifts, and smoke. It seems that they are focused on showmanship versus the Japanese technique. I know that many asian slatted as a whole are very technical with a unique style. Although I’m not super educated on a lot of other countries, it seems japan stands out as “tight” and technical. Maybe the united states doesn’t stand out because of the vast number of yoyoists compared to other countries. Maybe Japanese yoyoists are more of a close community with a specific style. But hey, I’m no expert- just my 2 cents!

a few years back…maybe 3 years. i noticed a lot of russian players usin’ what appeared to be rope w/ their yo yos. really thick string…also abnormally long.

not sure what the scene there is like today…



i would have to say japenese style is extremely fast and tech they usually use asian pop songs

yea the Japanese do have a faster style it seems.

I think it is kinda like a “yoyo accent”

I think what AwEsOmEnEsS said was exactly spot on. Everybody has their own style but you can see similarities because of where people are from. I have also noticed the “Japanese” style but i guess its all what your used to, in japan it is very technological, going back to what papaYOYO said, the usa is sortof flashy and show offy so the way that people live may dictate their yoyo style. I guess it depends what you like and what you are used to in daily life.

I’ve been saying this specific topic for years now when I first noticed the differences between the American way of throwing versus the South American way of throwing.

Specifically I refer to Whips way of slack type of tricks down in South America and some of the other Brazilian throwers. Their whips and slacks seem to just put so much smoothness and creativity versus here in the states and other countries around the world.

With that said, you can definitely tell the difference between countries players.

I’ve never really liked the “Japanese” style of yoyoing. The majority of people that use this style are just too fast, and don’t look like they are having fun…

I like the flowing style that guys like Kimmit or André have. I also really like Takeshi’s style for 5A.

Now, to defend myself from sounding racist, note that I said style and not people.

yeah, I totally agree with that ^
fast technical play just seems too uhh… technical. lol
jensen’s flowing smooth style just seems more laid back and fun.

i agree with both the last two posts. I love a flowing style with a balance of speed with “floatiness”. I can’t stand watching someone yoyo uber fast without moving their arms at all. Too robotic for me. I like for the thrower to add some person finesse to it! I don’t care how many tricks you can do or how fast you can do them if it doesn’t look like you’re having fun at the same time.

I see that with whatever skill toys that asians tend to go as fast as possible. Period. I see this with the top players in worlds. Then I see people like in 5a Tyler, Miggy or Jon Rob with not as fast but much more of a skilled progressive style. Asians tend to be more regressive I think. Also look at Jensen’s 2011 worlds… Best I have seen yet in my opinion. Fast does not mean good. To me creativity means better. Just seeing a pattern like you guys.

What about Polish style?

Allot of the polish players seemed to have a very slack involved speedy tech style.
Recently its changed a bit, but for many years, it seemed to be so.