Dingo or Strix?


Feel free to give other suggestions.

I’ve pretty much just been looking for something new to try.


You should get a mighty flea
That would be cool…

I have a feeling ppl are gonna say strix.


Yeah I just decided on the strix


So now, make a thread “mighty flea bs strix” :wink: haha
The shape on the strixs looks awesome


I hate the Dingo. I’d go Strix.


Depends what you want.

Pricey pocket yoyo: Dingo. But, it will help you clean up your game.

What something more “normal” in regards to size: Strix sounds good.

(Amplified) #7

I like the strix.

Whooo. Whooo. Whooo. Whooo.
(Owl noises).