Dinged Anima

I just dinged my Anima on a wooden floor and it is now vibey and for some reason it lost a lot of spin time. right now it can only spin for about 30 seconds which is a lot worse then the amount of spin time it used to have. does anyone know how to get its spin time back?

Maybe a new axle?

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Thanks i will try it.

I’d check the bearing. If it barely spins and makes a whirring noise right before it stops, the innards probably got knocked out of whack. If that’s the case, the good news is swapping in another bearing will fix the issue.


A cap probably shifted. Press down pretty hard on the caps to try reseating them.


Like mable said above, press down on the cap(s).

You will hear an audible “click” when it goes back into place if it’s anything like the Motif.