Different direction


Ive been wondering what the 5A life is like. Found out its a lot of fun.

This is just a short video teaser.
Questions comments and concerns?
Not mobile viewable can someone fix that for me? Thank you - Sammy


good stuff :slight_smile:


thank ya brahh


Hey, it’s 87percentable from Instagram. Awesome video!


thanks man! 5a is a lot of fun, I just figured that trick out lol idek if it is a trick!


Nice work, Sammy! You just picked up 5A? :o

Using the Freehand for freehand! Who knew?


Nice stuff! Whats that trick you do at :21-:23? Im seeing it everywhere but I dont know what it is :slight_smile:


im using the psg, the kid had to give it back cause he put a couple holes in the walls. But i just smashed the psg like 15mins ago, i was gunna end my life but couldnt and that made mad so i just smashed it. Its been a very bad day.


idk i put it together like a year ago (not taking credit for the trick) ive seen it alot lately too.



I really hate when people just watch videos, every video I watch. I comment on that junk. but its cool guys hahaa :slight_smile: