Differences between Bearings?

So this might sound like a really noobish question but whats the difference between a small and large bearing? Also whats the difference between a ceramic Konkave bearing and a normal Konkave bearing? Thanks for any response :smiley:

Small bearings and large bearings are different, because with small, the gap usually stays smaller, and spins a little less, while the large makes a gap wider, and can spin longer. However, small is better for 5a, because it is easier to regenerate, and do other 5a tricks.

With a normal concave, the little balls inside are made of stainless steel, but the physical properties is the same. The ceramic concave has ceramic balls, which makes it smoother. However, most people say that a CKK isn’t really worth twice the money of a Normal KK.

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I think that the normal KK is just as good, as the ceramic.(as long as it is broken in) Most people think otherwise, but I like my normal KKs just fine.b

well small bearings are used mainly for looping and some of 5a. if you have a looping yoyo say the sunset trajectory or the relic you will be using a small bearing. for most yoyojam string trick yoyos the use large bearings. mainly because a larger doesn’t have to turn as much as a small bearing to get the same speed. larger ball bearings are also more stable than smaller bearing. if you take a Duncan mosquito its going to try to start turn sideways faster that a DM would.

the CKK is made with ceramic balls and a ceramic outer ring. i have herd that it spins for an insanely amount of time. but you have to think about it, will twice the price give me twice the play? your brobly better off with a one drop 10 ball.

and by the way when you start out if its a good question its not a noobish quest to ask something that you don’t know.


keep it spinning

Thanks guys!