Did sf go out of business?🤔

I was just wondering if sf yoyos went out of buisiness just got back into yoyoing seriously and i can seem to find a solid answer to if sf went out of business

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They just released the Ignorance earlier this year, so to my (limited) knowledge no.


I always got weird vibes from SF. I guess the owner being anonymous made it easy to disappear without any explanation. I know the anonymity was supposed to be edgy and cool, but after a while it felt almost disrespectful.

They built up a pretty big team with some amazing players. Hopefully they find a way to continue to support them.


I agree it’s a bit weird, but why staying anonymous is disrespectful?


I do see there is a car for sale on their website wich makes me think maybe the owner went bankrupt?


I was actually looking at Miatas the other day, but it’s the 100 Cadences in the trunk that got me like :eyes:


I swearr​:rofl::eyes:

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I realize it’s a yoyo brand, but think about if any other business were to be run anonymously. There is a lack of accountability when leadership is invisible.

Anecdotally, I had a problem with a yoyo I bought from them. I sent a message and never got a response. Then my options are to let it slide or reach out to a team member. I opted for the former choice. So, not only is it inconvenient for the customers, but your team members become your customer service representatives.

It just seemed to lose its novelty over time. I would rather support a company that is willing to put a face to their name.


I’ve actually been thinking about being a jerk and making a topic of what Yo-Yo brands are Extinct or are on the Endangered Species list.

SF are definitely on my presumed Extinct list.

I mean it might be a more interesting topic than “What is your Favorite Yo-Yo brand?”

I always laugh at that one because, everyone throws names out and I imagine all the newbies who just joined look at the store and see almost every brand listed as “not available”


It’s a joke


I agree it puts responsibility on their team wich is not a good way to recruit members to their team and become bigger and a big inconvenience but i wish things wouldn’t be this way because their yoyos are great

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They’re still in business. They did a b grade sale and ignorance at the beginning of the year. I know Remy’s capped AL design is in the works at the moment


“At the beginning of the year”. That’s funny, cause we are at the end of the year now.

I have no evidence to prove one way or the other, but they definitely appear to be on hiatus.

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I need me a Miata too :drooling_face:


Lol the Miata is meant as a joke. It’s been up on the site for a year, maybe even two years now at this point. SF is still very much alive. I’m pretty sure if they do decide to close shop, they’ll let the community know one way or another or the website will vanish.

Sometimes companies go silent while working on new stuff or when they don’t have something new to share yet. I know it stinks when there’s not constant / consistent posts on social media, but it happens. Especially when said companies are super small boutique companies.

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They just did a Collab with mowl (MRL-05)


Yo-yos are expensive and time consuming to produce.

I am certainly no current affairs yo-yo journalist but from what I have gathered…… SF Yo-yos is not a/the primary money making enterprise for him/them/whoever?

It ‘seems’ that one of the primary motivations were the actual Yo-yo Contest events held around the Country before the Pandemic changed ‘everything’.

In these harder times, SF reserved most of their creative potential until things return closer to normal. Essentially allowing SF to focus more resources on actually generating more money from a non yo-yo related occupation.

By stepping back and recalculating ‘the future and purpose’, it allows SF to be in an even stronger position once they step up their pace again.

In other words, SF simply prioritized to accommodate the situation until things level out.

Nothing more…