Diabolo Demonstration Expirience

Okay, so I just got back from the Diabolo Meet in VA, and it was pretty cool.
The demonstrator was just explaining the diabolo the first 45 minutes. Then we got to try it for ourselves, and it turns out, im pretty good at it. In the first 3-4 minutes of playing with the chinese yoyo, I learned how to swing it back and forwarth and up and down. The demonstrator, i geuss he was impressed, cause he let me perform infront of everybody when iv been only playing diabolo for like 10 minutes. After the Diabolo demonstration was over, I started to yoyo with my SuperNova Lite (it was in my pocket the whole time) so then everybody was interested in it, so then I got to do a demonstration of the American/Regular yoyo (or whatever you want to call it. lol)
So it turned out to be a cool expirience. Since now I know how to yoyo with a Diabolo, I might just buy one online, and start doing it regularly. :wink:

Diabolo rocks. Get a good set of hand sticks, thats my only advise. :wink: