Des's giveaway thread

My current favorite trick is probably the Hayden Brickman dense tech combo.

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I mean I’m an old and my kids get a kick out of rock the baby


anything with slacks or tech

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I like horizontal tricks. Especially creative ones. Really any kind of banger trick I’m into.

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I’m working on Jade Whip now so let’s go with that

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My fav trick is cheeswhip green triangle (dorito) and lord of the flies, or any other satisfyingslack tricks

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Recently my favorite trick has been “Gondola”


I will being doing giveaways that i will ship them to anywhere so you will still get to do some :slightly_smiling_face:

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last day to join the giveaway! Results tomorrow.

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Results VERY Soon!!!

It says the video is not available so i will repost it.

Congrats to @yo-yo! Won the Giveway!

Next giveaway in the next week idk when.


Thanks so much!