Derts from Russ' Personal Collection

These are some photos Russ, maker of Derts, sent me a few months back. I think they’re pretty cool to look at. From right to left: Muffin Top, Fatlip, DerTi. The Muffin Top was produced just before YYF’s original Replay back in the day which caused some controversy. Russ says only a few were made, as it was a proof of concept thing. The Fatlip had a run of about 10-16 based on various sources I’ve read from (though Russ’ old eBay listing says 16). Lastly, the DerTi. Only 4 in existence…

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DerTi? Holy **** (ill just put my own astrists there)

:o :o :o :o :o

What Dust said!!! Good stuff Matt​:+1: :slight_smile:

Haha thanks guys, but these aren’t mine. These are the last of each Russ has, he told me he saved one of every model he made.

If 4 were made, 1 was kept, three are still in the wild.

/i need dis…

One is in the hands of a “black hole” collector that I speak to frequently. The other two are still unaccounted for. Russ claims he forgot where they went after nearly ten years…

Russ has one, I had one that I sold to the “black hole” collector, one sold on eBay around 2009 (give or take a year) and I thought one was given away by Russ. I could be remembering the last part wrong. The one that went on eBay sold for $531.00 if memory serves. (It was something close to that if not)

The interesting thing is the one in the picture in this thread appears to have a completely smooth catch zone. Mine wasn’t smooth, it had a texture to it. I tried to see it in the pictures I have but it doesn’t show well. it could be that the one pictured here also is textured and its lighter than I remember it being.

Or I could just be nuts and am confusing it with something else. (I don’t think I am though)

@mrciurleo - if you have contact with Russ again I’d love to know if I’m remembering this correct. (The part about the texture)

I can definitely send Russ another email and let you know what he says. You’re correct about the one you had, the current owner says it’s vibey and has the tendency to eat strings. The textures being different wouldn’t surprise me, as I assume these were milled by hand like the rest of his throws.

Thanks for the info regarding the other two! Now how to find them…

You think that only 4 were made that there were small differences between them? Maybe all 4 were slightly different protos? i dunno. Iez Ignint!

Reply from Russ!

“Some of the DerTi’s were put through a secondary operation similar to some of the Oxy yoyo’s.
I put them in a manual lathe and ran a 90deg. buffing angle grinder wheel over it while it was spinning. It creates a cool spiral pattern on it. That’s the difference.”

Russ definitely made some amazing throws. I miss mine.