delrin L5 - first promo video is up

58/65/43 the divine plastic proportion

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Looks really cool. I like bigger throws. Who makes it?

I want now.

this looks like my dream plastic yoyo that I did not design (being that the metal hub is annoed for fingerspins)

Anyone got any details for the price of this beauty?

around 50-60 judging from the L5
They already confirmed that the hub will be anodized for the production run

That looks amazing! The L5 is a beast and a delrin version sounds just awesome. Keep us updated please!

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That looks nice

I see it as a must have if you love grinds. Also, that grind at the end lasted forever o.O

Love the colors

im really digging that green :o

Is the 2015[chinese stuff]5[chinese stuff] the release date ? if so, next month !

Oh my that orange keep us updated on the release and price.

I’m excited for this one. Anyone know if it’s really supposed to drop next month?

I adore the green! I hope I can grab one of these at some point


yye is considering ‘probably stock them’