Vote for me! ;D And you should make the poll so you can vote for as many as you want (so you can vote for multiple divisions)


I did ???


I always feel weird about voting in the division I’m in.
I think I’m just gonna vote for the standard division.


well I suck compared to y’all I had like a hundred out takes and thats the best one


It only let me vote once… I voted for Y0Y0SR2PRO and then it just went to results.


Did you vote for me? :o


Sorry had to go with ben.


C’mon people vote vote vote!


Any chance you could remove my vote so I could try again?


If i remove your vote I have to reset the whole thing all together :stuck_out_tongue: sorry


Oh. That’s fine :slight_smile:


Your going to win the standard division anyways, I’m just getting an early lead :smiley:


I don’t know about that, you’re good. And I saw we both used Hiroyuki Suzuki’s Speed Combo.


Yea it’s pretty cool, we can’t do it nearly as fast as him though, but you beat me :stuck_out_tongue: we have a somewhat similar style, yours is just more developed since youve been throwing longer


Some people are like “Naw guys, I totally lost” and do really well, and I’m like “I’ve totally got this” and have no votes yet XD
There’s still a week to go though.



I’m closing voting on Tuesday next week and announce the winner then too, cuz I’m goin to California for 2 weeks the day after :smiley:


I’m pretty sure I have zero votes but whatever…


Yeah, I tried to make more of a variation of the combo. I’ve tried to be more tech-y, but I haven’t made much progress. I also forgot a bunch of tricks I wanted to put in that had a little more tech.