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This stuff MUST go. Prices at bottom, the ONLY trades I will accept are Gung Fu’s. First or second run. It doesnt matter.

M1 is half blue half brown. It has small nicks around the rim. Not many. Plays great.

YYJ Sirius, Metal is somewhat faded. There might be a few little nicks here and there. With caps.

K-os, has about 4 bad scrapes on the HG. With Caps. Its black and white. Siliconed.

Dyed and Reshaped Journey, not much reshaping. Plays great.  Half siliconed, the other half O-ring.

TOTALLY Reshaped Legacy. Looks a Speeder and M1 had a baby haha. Its semi-dyed. The dye didnt really take. This thing is FAST. K-pad response

Heres some pics of the Legacy and Journey compared to a Project.

M1: $45.00

Sirius: $40.00 Negotiable

K-os: $20.00

Journey: $10.00

Legacy: $20.00

Sunset Trajectory NXG: $10.00

Ill sell all of it for $62.00, but that is negotiable if you want to buy them all.

I will take the journey

Hey, Im totally fine with you taking the Journey but I just realized I need 12. Not 10. Is an extra 2 bucks ok?

i dont care :smiley:

Hey, you took my response! It’s called Stealth. Stealer…

Umm… No offense, but many people have been using that response before you. It’s not new, I used to do it too.

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Didn’t you start a new thread? If so, could you move it to archived or delete it? I’m just trying to gauge what to do from the new title.

I wasnt aware that i could move it myself :stuck_out_tongue: :-[ :smiley: