Decided to make a video for ~8-9months

Felt Like playing around with video a little bit.  Here’s what I put together.  Been throwing about 8-9 months.

(I modified the post with a better copy of the vide)

Good job bud! I wish I was that good at 9 months lol. Keep working at it and I can tell once you develop a style it is going to be great. :slight_smile:

Duck dynasty beard lol but besides that nice job

Thanks. I am having fun putting different pieces together to come up with my own combos. I need to make more videos so my video skills can get better as well. Unfortunately as soon as the camera comes on I can’t hit any of my tricks.

Flip, you’re very good for 9 months mate! I know why you mean about the camera, I lose all my abilities the second the camera comes on. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s getting better. The first video I did was 30seconds long and I shot about 60 minutes of video to get the tricks I wanted. I’m also still learning to use the video tools. I actually just uploaded a better copy of the video.