decided not to sell others after selling Ti Dream.

TI Dream is mint with original box…180.00-SOLD
Orca is mint Brand new in box with original string, pin, etc. The orca is Shark vs Zombie beaver and was just purchased a few weeks ago. I bought two brand new in same colorway. My reasoning was to have a backup of my favorite throw in my favorite color. I now feel I shouldn’t have done this because I have 2 of the same thing. Again…orca is brand new…thrown 2 times to ensure smoothness. Price is 120.00
Chief is Brussels sprouts colorway, mint with original box. 120.00
Space Cowboy is lightly scuffed/no dings and smooth with original box. 65.00
I’m selling these yoyos because I throw my Orca and Puffin 2 95% of the time…and I want to have more money to try other things…specifically a turning point leviathan 7.

Here is a pic of the orca. Pm me if intrested

Bump. Space cowboy, orca, and Chief still up for grabs. Already sold the Ti Dream. Once I sell one more I might keep the others.

Moving up yo