Dead Man Walking Ft. DEADLY SpINS Pride proto

new video I threw together since I have a Pride proto in my possession for the time being. Just some random tricks and nothing special really. I was going to write a review as well but since its a proto and going to be changed pretty drastically i decided not to. Instead here’s video of it in action. If the production run plays anything like this then better start saving your money.

Its Amazing.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

comments are welcomed

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mmmm buttery


Joey is so swag.

bump :slight_smile:

Man… Why are you so good?

This song.

Story of my life.

That was stoopid good. Like, some kind of absolute ridiculousity that I can’t even comprehend. Damn. Nice filming, editing, and song choice, too.

thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments a lot :slight_smile:

Man I LOVED those slacks!
(and everything else)