De-shielded bearings


Does de-shielding a bearing change it at all?


I’m not an expert, but to me, de-shielded bearings don’t play any differently. The only difference I notice is that they need to be cleaned more often since they’re more open to the elements.


Ok thanks I de-shielded a terrapin x dry play bearing, so to clean it do I just use canned air? Because if I use acetone the dry play finish will come of.


De-shielding a bearing does not affect play in any noticeable way.


While that’s mostly true, in some cases you may have a yo-yo where the bearing seat wasn’t molded or machined quite correctly, and the seat may push on the shield causing responsiveness. Removing the shields can solve this issue.


Really? In most cases the bearing’s outer rim is what sits in the seat and the shields never touch anything since they’re recessed.

You’d have to have a really messed up bearing seat for this to occur I think.


I second to this.
but I prefer to de-shiled my bearing anyways, easier to do cleaning.