black stuff in the bearing

y when i play my koncave bearing deshielded black stuff come s in whats happening and what can i do to not prevent this it it

Does it affect the play?

yes it becomes responsive

  1. Don’t double post.
  2. Describe this “black stuff” to me. Is it like jellyish or liquidish or inkish? Does it like, leak out?

it is inkish and it doesnt leak and srry for double post

Inside or outside the bearing?

inside where the balls are at

So it’s a liquid??? Contact the person you bought it from…

the obvious answer here is quit taking the shields off… it’s what they’re there for.


Maybe its dirt or old dirty lube.

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The shields do not stop all debris from getting into a bearing, and rather than treat the OP like they are bothering you (after all you chose to read and reply, right?) why not help them out by telling them that they should try cleaning their bearing? I play with my shields off of MOST of my yo-yos however I clean the bearings as soon as they feel “off” If you continue to have problems, perhaps it is time to buy a replacement bearing.

P.S. Kyo I know, you made the dns but that doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk to people on the forums I personally stay on these forums because it is friendlier than other Yo-Yo Forums, I doubt I am alone.


He wasn’t being a jerk. He just said to quit taking the shields off. There was nothing “wrong” with his post.

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