Dark Sonic Response Pads!

I recently bought a C3yoyodesign Dark Sonic for my early birthday, and along with it I ordered like 4 YYR 19 MM? responce pads and on YYE it says 19 OD MM responce but on reviews it says the c3 response. I am wonderong if the 19 mm fits in the responce. It doesnt matter if its too thin (the circle part), it just has to be the same thickness of the groove.


Obviously the c3 pads fit the c3 yoyos!

What did you buy?

Had a similar problem. When you refer to the c3 official website, you’ll see that It’s the sili pads.

Shame too, because you can’t get red c3 sili pads…

Are the 19 OD MM response pads from CBC deep enough though>?

Yeah, they are. They tend to fall out after a few days though.

D: Is there any way to keep them in?

A small amount of superglue?

I dunno, After blowing through 2 different sets I just ordered a set that works properly.

:confused: Darn