Dark Magic 2

Me and my friend both got a DM2 But his is Way better,my bearing NEVER had spun as long as his…Any help on what i could do to make it better?

Clean it.

This may be a little excessive, but I do agree; it might be a good idea.

My advice: Work on your throw; I’d say roughly 85-90% of all bad spin-time issues are caused by “inadequate” throws. Make sure it’s more of a “snap” of your arm than a throwing motion. If you think your throw is fine, sometimes there is a lot of factory lube still in the bearing if the yoyo is relatively new. So it takes a little bit of time for it to fully break in. Just play with it a lot, and throw long sleepers to wear it away. Hope this helped.

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I’ve cleaned it, I’ve lubed it…My throw is good…i just dont know what else to do…even with my Dv888 bearing on there it dosnt spin good

Maybe you over lubed it.
The bearing is really all there is to it.

(and your throw)

you can clean it with lube. :-\

Can you make your friends dm2 spin as long as he can
make it spin? try trading yoyo’s and see if you can do better with the different Yoyo. That way you can prove to yourself wheither it is the thrower or the throw.

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