da noize


when i play with my axiom it is noisy as heck, does anyone elses make a way loud noisy? got any tips or something i could do to make it a little less noisy(besides lubbing it up). thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Clean your bearing. Hmm with out lubbing … id say try to blow it with some compressed air. YOu probably have a hair or some sort of grit in your bearing. Look at it carefully and you might be able to pick it out with a pin or something. Cleaning it is still your best option i think with some light lube even thou you said with out lubing.

(Jesse) #3

He said besides lubing it.

(VincentD) #4

Naw, he said not to lubb it, lubing is fine.


alrighty, i did it and i actually lubbed it like how he said, its WAY quieter but it sucks. . . it doesent have good spins. Do i need to just continue playing with it?


And work on your throw while doing so, yes.