D&D player ?

Hey adventurer ! is there any poeple here playing dnd here ? i played when i was like 8 or 9 with my friend and his father and now one of my friend start to show interest in it and me to so we started something.I bought 3 set of 7 dice and we started looking over the internet for rules and fun a site in french (yeah !!!). I’m playing a neko paladin with plenty of charism,or what i like to call a duchebag cat.What is your character ? and also i was wondering if i should get the 5th edition starter book and maybe the 5th edition player book if i have cash left but do you guys know how many time they take in general to make the official traduction beacause if it’s done by christmas i will wait instead of buying the books in english and buy them in my language

…I have so many chaters it’s not even funny. XD

I have a site that’s all free basically that’s basically dnd 1. XD it’s super fun and easy to make charaters

Yeah I play from time to time, im played yesterday. I’m currently playing as an Aasimar