Czech Point Pivot

Opened up a new “czech point pivot” played with it for 30 minutes over grass and put it back into the box, not dings still looks new. I want to sell it for $15.00 if someone can walk me through how to set all that up.

take a few pics, and add it to your listing, and see if you get any bites :wink:

show any damage
helps if you have a couple pics/angles (clear)
let us know what’s included with your price (shipping, paypayl g&s). i strongly recommend always using paypal goods and services.

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damn in a spot where I can’t take pictures. I guess I might as well forgot get the whole thing. I guess I I could arrange some kind of thing where they can return it if they’re not satisfied with the quality?

pics req’d man, see rules above.

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k srry bout that

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no worries man!

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I would get the Czech Point Pivot from you if you’re looking to sell. What condition? Any vibe?

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