Selling Or Trading Civility


[b]Hello, thanks for clicking,

So I’m here selling or trading my Civility. I am selling it for 30 bucks USD or trading it for some other yoyo.

Really basic stuff here, pictures below will ship to where ever as long as its in the U.S. or Canada.

So the yoyo is in pretty good condition, their are a few scuffs and even chips on it. But not bad at all.

Stock CT bearing that came with it is still with it. Works great.

I did change the flow able silicon break pads for just regular yoyofactory break pads like a shutter has. Didn’t like the way the bind felt.

More pictures can be uploaded at your request.

Again looking for 30 dollars for the yoyo OR a suitable trade.



Edit: Ignore this


Yeah…I noticed a bit too late. Sorry bout that


I offered a good trade for it in his favor immediately after he posted and he blew me off I guess :frowning:


Woah Woah people xD i’ve gotten a lot of messages and posts. Im just reviewing and discussing


It is reasonable to ask for pics of damage.
It would also be more fair if he dealt with people who contacted him first.


^^^^AGREED, I’m still waiting to hear from him at all :frowning:


Hello can we make a sell or naw?


Yeah, I pmed him first, and got it. But yoyoman72, if you would have pmed him, you would have gotten it before me. Never post offers in a BST thread. Always pm.


Indeed, deal is done people thank you for your time, if you are mad at me about this still let me remind you these are yoyos

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