Cwynar Slack

My new slack trick

Do you like it?? :slight_smile:

Cool man!

Nice. You should make a tutorial on it. Nice looking. ;D

Dude that was tight!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I will think about the tutorial.

PS: Cwynar is my last name :slight_smile:

You have inspired me to create a slack trick…er…give me a few months. ;D

Holy… That was eye popping! :o One of the most incredible tricks I’ve ever seen in my life! Reminds me of Yuuki Slack a little. Good! :wink:

Loved it man!

awesome dude make a tutorial

make a tut that was sik

Just figured it out!

Awesome trick, could ya make me a turitoul so i could do. Besides that awesome, awesome, awesome slack trick

That was FANTASTIC!! :o

DUDE… i have the same yo and string, that was an awesome trick to.

great i love slacks! cool one !

and your lucky lol this name just sounds great for a trick ^^