CUT to the GREEN

My newest video here. There are some errors due to the lack of a tripod, please go to YouTube description for more info on that matter.

That was AWESOME! You have improved so much in the past month or two!

with that I am definitly going to get The Cut

As always, I see great improvements and I am amazed. You prove a tough friendly opponent. XD JK. I’m not really going to challenge you. You pwn me in so many ways.

Nice. I might battle you sometime. :slight_smile:

I’ll be lookin forward to that.



That was SO good.

ZOMG!!! QFT!!!

Too bad I’m out and you can’t buy it in Norway. That jar was imported from Denmark. I need to get more…

Sweet moves, cool flow, and a really interesting style. I dig. In a big way! ;D But some of your moves felt kind of clunky. Perhaps shorten your string a bit? Other that that, I loved it.

Definitely not the cause. My string comes an inch short of my belly button stock (I hope that’s short enough). Some tricks are choppy because I was lazy and didn’t spend enough time filming. You are totally right though, and thanks for pointing out (you happen to be the first person to give me feedback I can take and process into my play). I am really unhappy with the last combo. I seemed to pause between elements… not good.