custom designed yoyo case for sale.


I have a case for sale.

The case is a vaultz brand case and I designed it to hold 12 yoyos and 2 counterweights(I can add some more if you want), It also has string campartments on the inside top too. It has a lock on it for when your little brother trys to steal them, It also comes with a shoulder strap. Price 45 shipped.

inside with no yoyos:

inside with yoyos(yoyos not included, sorry)

paypal only,
thanks for looking.


Nice job on the case. I like it. I already have one though.

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Really nice. I already have a case though.


Guys, if you already have a case, then there is really no point in posting here, is there?

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I know, I said it was nice. :smiley:


There was no point to do so. He’s trying to sell it.


how much ?


Already sold

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