Current top 5

(Francisco) #302

The splash on that MC is awesome

(Victorian YoYos) #303

Not in order of favorite.

Left to right:
OD Project 2
YYF Edge Beyond
CLYW Bear vs man round 2
OD Terrarian


Wow! Who’s your anodizer?

({John15}) #305

Gruntbull, iirc


I thought that might be the answer!

(Choncworth) #307

Top 5 EDCs

MarkMont Classic
Dang 2

({John15}) #308

Well shiver me timbers. very nice

({John15}) #309

Oh my,


(Victorian YoYos) #310

Is that dang 2 black? I doesn’t look like it

({John15}) #311
  • Kuntosh
  • Parlay
  • Peak 2
  • Top Deck
  • MMC

(Choncworth) #312

It is a black and blue half swap, blue half showing. Poor picture on my part. Bad lighting.


Love my Quail! Might be time to reassess…

(Victorian YoYos) #314

Oh okay, it’s beautiful nonetheless


Yeah, the lighting makes it look kinda like a gunmetal.

(Francisco) #316

From the top clockwise:
CLYW Manatee
iYoYo Iceberg
CoreCo Parser
YYFxTP Ex-Machina.

No particular order, just the current rotation

(ClockMonsterLA) #317

Clockwise from the bottom:

  • Gravitas
  • VTWO
  • Mantis
  • Anomaly
  • Heirloom

(ClockMonsterLA) #318

Cherries and grapes:

(Colby Hans) #319

My top 5 yoyos.
From left to right.
C3 Gamma Crash
One Drop Cabal
One Drop Vanguard (custom engraved with my fiancée and I tattoo)
CLYW Kodiak
YYF TI Dream

(Justin ) #320

this is so beautiful.


Do you still have the replay pro collection?