Current top 5


We gotta post pics! That’s what makes this topic great!

So in order from left to right, top to bottom, here it is:

I am comfortable with these as my Top 5 6

(Francisco) #302

The splash on that MC is awesome


Not in order of favorite.

Left to right:
OD Project 2
YYF Edge Beyond
CLYW Bear vs man round 2
OD Terrarian


Wow! Who’s your anodizer?

({John15}) #305

Gruntbull, iirc


I thought that might be the answer!

(Choncworth) #307

Top 5 EDCs

MarkMont Classic
Dang 2

({John15}) #308

Well shiver me timbers. very nice

({John15}) #309

Oh my,



Is that dang 2 black? I doesn’t look like it

({John15}) #311
  • Kuntosh
  • Parlay
  • Peak 2
  • Top Deck
  • MMC

(Choncworth) #312

It is a black and blue half swap, blue half showing. Poor picture on my part. Bad lighting.


Love my Quail! Might be time to reassess…


Oh okay, it’s beautiful nonetheless


Yeah, the lighting makes it look kinda like a gunmetal.

(Francisco) #316

From the top clockwise:
CLYW Manatee
iYoYo Iceberg
CoreCo Parser
YYFxTP Ex-Machina.

No particular order, just the current rotation

(ClockMonster) #317

Clockwise from the bottom:

  • Gravitas
  • VTWO
  • Mantis
  • Anomaly
  • Heirloom

(ClockMonster) #318

Cherries and grapes: