so I am realitivly new to cubing I bought a rubiks two days ago and my current time to solve is 4 minutes. what are some tips to solve the cube faster or other methods to solve it faster?

Ah! I just asked the same question yesterday,:grinning:

Check out my Question for cubers post. I was given some really good advice.

What method do you use? Also get a guanlong. It is abudget speed cube.

Just practice and you’ll get better. I started with ten minutes then I worked my way to 40 seconds. Practice makes better👍

I started with this method . Then I learned CFOP and that will cut your solve time a lot, but its more difficult. You don’t need to buy a speed cube to learn on, but their pretty cheap. I got a Dayan Zhanchi from a friend, it is a ten dollar cube but it’s really a good one. once you learn how to do maintenance on a cube, it will be a dream. My current solve time is like 17 seconds in case you were wondering.