Cruton's B/S/T ~~ FS/T:Aa7 ~~ LF:$, Summit

Ok so here are a few yoyos that are up for grabs. I started yoyoing in September and I have bought a bunch since then. I got to learn what I really wanted in a yoyo so i am letting a few of them go.

Only offer trades if it is listed on my wants list.

Money (Paypal Only)
ODxCLYW: The Summit
Deadly Spins: Wrath
Werrd Irony GBA

Will accept offers:

$20, $10 if with something else
Aero-Yo Delta: Used, Some dings (pictured). smooth, no vibe

OfferC3 Yeah3: Good Condition. Few dings. Smooth, no vibe

Slithering Hippo Aa7: Mint in Pounch