FT: Purple Summit LF:CLYW, SPYY, One Drop, Werrd

Hey everyone!

I have a Purple Summit up for trade. It has two scuffs from hitting the floor of my garage once, but they are pretty much unfeelable and don’t effect play at all! This yoyo is sooooo smooth also, seriously one of the smoothest yoyos I have ever had!

Wants: Just so you know condition doesn’t matter to me, just so long as there is not much vibe! Oh and also I will take any color but gold.

Yeti (you would need to add 20 dollars or so)
Puffin (I would add some for this)
BvM 2 (would add for this as well)
Puchline/Punchline Repeater
Dyanmo (maybe)
El Rachero
Rally (clear would be best, and you have to add 20 dollars or so)
Code 2
Irony GBA