Crucial Vs Yoyofactory

Crucial vs Yoyofactory
Paqipperman Vs Nathaniel
Green Vs Orange
Cream vs C13
Who will win?
No one knows

I was rooting for Nathaniel at first, but then when I saw his final combo was really similar to another one of his tricks, I voted for Paq.

I vote for Nathaniel. I just like his style slightly better.

I know he surprised me with that thing! He had been practicing it in pieces so i didnt see the whole thing till he filmed!

Thanks alot!

that final combo was beastly, your overall combo was better, im sorry, i gotta give it to pac


You guys are Soooo cool!

Especially the ending part…

I wish I have a friend who plays yoyos too… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i voted for Paq, his combos were a lot smoother and Nathaniel’s just seemed repetitive.

overall both videos were good.

me too, i tried to get them too, but they’re not interested at all.

on subject, i voted for nathaniel, i just liked his stuff more :slight_smile: