Crescent City!! Please provide feedback!

This has been my favorite video that I shot and edited! Please provide any and all feedback! Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

REALLY good stuff there, Jordan!

At first I was like, “He’s going to make up for typical combos with editing trickery” but I was wrong. There were a lot of interesting elements in there, and “gimmick” or not, the slo-mo was really neat to watch for the circular slacky movements.

Was the recording frame rate 120 or 60? Pretty smooth for 60, so I’m guessing 120?

Good stuff! Close call with that regen. :wink:



Great tricks and video editing. No bad comments at all! I however would like to have heard a faster song at first and when transitioning videos I would have switched to the chill song you chose. Prolly flipped the vids too just because that beach goes well with the song! Loved the slo motion. As a beginner, i love the slo mo because it helps me learn a lot.