Creative Concepts-Ume Ni 2015

Sorry for being MIA! I usually post every week or 2, but college hit me pretty hard haha.
This video is an accumulation of concepts I’ve created in the past year, that I feel aren’t exactly complete tricks, or have elements that can be used for a lot of different combos etc. I’m very proud of how unique my style is becoming and I’m hoping 2015 I’ll be busting out some insane videos for you guys!

woah!!! i swear ume every single time i see your vids your style like completely changes! and you have all kinds of new moves!!! ;D

Thats just how I roll! I don’t like tying myself down, and experimenting with concepts and style really makes for a fun time :slight_smile:

Awesome! Loved the suicide stuff!

Thank you! Those were actually improvised haha! I’m glad someone enjoyed it :slight_smile:



Amazing tricks I particularly love the Ninja stole Brent Ninja stuff, love a tutorial

Thank you! I could totally try and film one

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Dope. And I use the word dope sparingly

Once you polish off some of those concepts and get some serious trick flow going you’ll def have an insanely awesome run! I severely enjoyed your vid. ;D

Thank you so so much!