Crazy Trade - You won't believe it - Take a look and make an offer.

I want to make one last huge trade.

I have a:

  • NM CLYW Chrome Summit
  • NM YYF Super G (USA Edition)
  • NM YYF Genesis (with Stacks)

I’m open to trading 3 for 1 but it better me good.


  • CLYW

    • Blizzard
    • Cliff
    • Orca
  • C3YoyoDesign

    • Krown ST
  • GSquared

    • Aftershock

If your good throw isn’t on my list, do be scared to offer.

I have a G squared aftershock and would be interested in this trade. I see that the Aftershock is in your wants list and would love the 3 for 1 deal, but I would like to see closer pics of the yoyos to determine how good the condition is. Also, how old are they?