Crazy mod idea for a werrd.minute


I decided to get the rings off my busted Rally, and dropping it on the floor popped the part that holds the silicone and supports the bearing seat off. I had a crazy idea: What if I popped the other one off and put them both on my Minute to act as a step?! I know it’ll fit since I tried it with one of them, but will it work?(!)


Why ask if it will work if you know it will fit and can try it yourself?..


I meant, I’m not sure if it may damage the yoyo. I tried it again and I now see that it may not actually work after all because of the way the outer silicon wall bumps out a little. I thought that it wasn’t quite fitting because the response pads stuck out but thats not actually the case. Oh well. I can foresee a side effect that would be compatible with a “step” part that contained a silicone groove, enabling you to add width to your yoyo. I could see someone more skilled at modding then I sanding the part to make it fit.