couple questions

  1. is there a way to look at the end of the string and tell if it needs replaced or any signs?

  2. I recently purchased a yoyo the raptor today its cool too but with the caps on or off does it play floaty or faster not sure and cant tell from yo yoing,

if it is frayed, it needs replacing

by frayed you mean frizzy or …

the proper term is frayed, but yes “frizzy” will do

The string may get thinner, and most importantly, right under where your slip knot is or the string on yuor slip knot or in the middle of the string, there may be some exceptional thinning. Like the rest of the string would be thicker than a specific segment of the string. That means replace.

And a Raptor with caps on is very heavy, doesn’t play fast and it just doesn’t match. Caps off, its pure metal, not as heavy as in it’s the perfect weight for me. It’s got normal floatness, you wouldn’t be suprised with the floatness.

with the caps on, it’s heavier, but it feels a little more stable to me IDK, :-\


I have white strings, and I can tell if they need replacing when it looks dirty. When the color changes.

When should I change my string… heh?