Counting Stars

Hey everyone! New video :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Sorry for some sloppiness, and I know that some tricks could have been smoother :stuck_out_tongue: I’m trying out some new concepts, so many of the tricks in the video have the same elements. Also, as of now, I’m sponsored by Floutek which is a little Czech yoyo company! :smiley:
Feedback is appreciated ;D

Please watch it on a computer, as the video is squeezed on the phone…


Its Wonderful.

everything about you.

Style, Skill,
and now, 2 Sponsorships.
You are RISING to stardom!

Thanks! ;D Feedbacks like yours, makes me really happy :smiley:

No problem!
Im an all time Fan of yours.
Im Wilson Ni on youtube, i commented on many of your things :slight_smile:

You’re one of my favorite players, amazing stuff. One of my favorite nujabes songs too!

Thanks a lot! :smiley: Yeah, I love Nujabes too, amazing song :slight_smile:

That’s just beautiful! I like all the crazy cool stuff you do in horizontal.

Added the video to the rep page through the link in your signature.

You love Nujabes? Couldn’t tell :stuck_out_tongue:

This deserves no apology It deserves a thank you :slight_smile: Thank you!

Amazing stuff dude.

Thanks everyone! :smiley: Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

I really liked that slack/whip stuff at the end.

I really liked everything.

Oh my goodness… You’re just down right amazing!

Thanks everyone! ;D I really appreciate it :smiley: