Counterweight 5a tips

Everytime i catch the yoyo back i always hit my fingers- any advice

Just keep working with it. I used to do the same thing, now I only rarely do that. Keep trying to catch it with just your thumb and index finger. (I guess I’m assuming you’re holding the CW like Andre shows…Yes? No?)

Try to catch it between your index and thumb.

yes i have been trying to catch like andre

If it still hits your finger spread it wider. I like to use an undersized yo for 5a like a maverick because it’s easier to catch and find it eisier to control with the cw.

Is a legacy a good sized yoyo

Sure. I learned 5a on a Spinfaktor HG, which I believe is right about the same size. To be honest, I say just suck up the pain for a while. If it hurts too much, then take a break for a while, but if you don’t go that route, you’ll never learn it. Have fun! You’ll get it down! :wink:

Yeah Aptetrunk said it all

make a claw with ur thumb and index then catch hope this helps

good help but please dont bring back old threads

He never said he got it, so it’s OK if we still help him. Here’s a video that helped me understand the basics: