Corn iz gud

from the earth i rise and from the earth i will one day will return. whats up my dudes, my name is colonel cornelius cornwall and im here to introduce you to, corn! corn is a north american cereal plant and is also called maze because it is easy to get lost in its incredible flavor. side effects of corn may include, choking, i guess. come down today and try some corn, or we will sacrafice your newborn. WAHHHHHHH


This post was really corny!

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This topic is out of season.

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oh haha.

Fear the Corn Lord

“Corny” jokes comes from the seed catalogs used by farmers.
To make it more entertaining, they included little jokes and quips.

I learned that some time ago, wondered why a joke would be “corny.”

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I live in the county of Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

In my mind, the word “quip” is an onomatopoeia that resembles a very specific type of flatulence.