CoreCo, OD, 44RPM & others

Selling some yoyos that haven’t spent enough time out of the case recently. The Summit and Heritage are mint. All the rest are very near mint. Heritage is the Purple Yoyo edition and comes with box and unused purple Zipline String.

Prices are PayPal G&S, shipping included. Pictures are the same yoyos, showing both halves as there are a couple of half swaps.

  1. Core co Alleycat $25 SOLD

  2. Core co Standard $30 SOLD

  3. OD/CLYW Summit $50 SOLD

  4. 44 RPM Rhythm $25

  5. 44 RPM Surf $25

  6. YYF Delrin Severe $25 (signed by Tyler Severence at 2015 NER)

  7. Yoyo Brothers Heritage Purple yoyo-$30 - SOLD


Happy Birthday @French!!! Good stuff and great prices! Shoot me a PM if you’d like to work out a trade for the 44rpm.

Friday Eve! People posted 44RPM are some underrated throws. This is your chance to see for yourself! Some nice throws left. I’m happy to make deals on multiples!

Let’s get the last three yoyos to good homes. Take 2 for $40, all 3 for $60!