CoreCo Alleycat 650b Restock & New Colors!



Also - Just a heads up to anyone purchasing one; The Bandalore edition seems to be slightly smaller in diameter. Couldn’t find any info about the size change posted from core co or bandalores, but admittedly I didn’t look all that hard. :smile:


i’m happy about the restock. i’ve been lookin…

Wow I’ve been throwing the bandalores edition for months and had no idea it was one of the slightly smaller “AlleyKittens”. Plays so great.


Is there any write up about the not-so obvious differences between the og and the 650b? I have an og and i like it a lot, makes me curious about what changed for the 650b.

i actually read something about it the other day… trying to find an alleycat! and i probably won’t find the site now…

Og is slightly bigger in diameter and way more angular with a bit more weight and a hair more gap. The 650b is more of a true modern responsive while the Og is more like playing a responsive Renegade. Way better moons, Stalls, regens on the 650 imo.



One more question! Does the 650b still have the sneaky 9mm pads under the 12mm pink pads?


Dang that green loop diggers is great. Still happy with my hot pink I GUESS!

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Yeah the original was a highly flawed yo-yo IMO. The 650b is great however.

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Eh, I wouldn’t call it “highly flawed” It was till a lot of fun and pretty unique. That said, the 650b is a big improvement and a very cool yoyo.

How much smaller?

Not much. I hadn’t even noticed lol. I like playing them the same for sure. In fact hadn’t noticed the difference lol.


i concur, it’s a good lookin’ piece. i grabbed one myself… i was hoping i could also slip it by the wife as a cat toy as opposed to
“another damn yoyo!”


I… definitely would. That hex key really hurt, on top of everything else.

That absolutely needed to be shorter. I get that the idea was a wave to bikes, but…too long.

What’s the difference between the Bandalores and the “kitten”

Also, love the art you did on the one 650. Throwback to the hand carved fixies.

So much :man_facepalming: with this. The OG is so great. One of my favorites, and my hardcoat is hands down in my desert island throw list. 650 isn’t better, just different. Love the 650’s just the same.