CoreCo Alleycat 650b Restock & New Colors!

Strongly disagree, would actually physically fight about it. The original is … just not a good yo-yo. The 650b is awesome though!

(It’s not DV888 bad, mind you, but it is quite flawed in multiple ways.)

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You’d lose :joy:

J/k I’m not a fighter. But, I don’t think you could make a compelling argument for it being flawed. As someone who grew up playing responsive, the OG Alleycat when I first threw it basically what I always wanted through the mid 90’s through the 2000’s. I guess you’d have to have played longer to understand it.

It doesn’t really matter, but the 650b is the sequel that definitely displaces the original entirely … it isn’t just “different”, it is significantly better in basically every way:

  • no weirdo, unnecessary hex key hubs that hurt a LOT, both in pocket and in play
  • regular pads vs crazy hard to find oddball pads
  • better shape, better weight distribution
  • superior hand feel due to smoothed edges

The OG alleycat was a super mega flawed design. The good news is the 650b addressed every one of the flaws and it is awesome! :ok_hand:

Pads are the same in both, unless you got a real early one with Chaz pads. Even still, new CoreCo pads work in OG.

How were you hurting yourself with the hex???

Still to say it’s flawed isn’t accurate even in the slightest. Can link to a lot of great clips and tricks with it to disprove your “flawed” logic. If it was truly flawed too many great players would’ve spoken up, and CoreCo wouldn’t have released it in the first place. Those guys aren’t slouches when it comes to yoyos or yoyo design.

If the OG was so absolutely perfect, why’d they release a completely redesigned sequel? :thinking:

Ordered one yesterday and I am looking foward to it.


Same reason they make sequels for numerous yoyos.

The true “Kitten” has quite a bit less rim mass in the same diameter - that was a true “error” and far more noticeable. Bandalores edition really plays indistinguishably from the other variations. I can’t tell in a blind a/b test.


Can anyone provide me some info on Loop Diggers? Is it a team?
Also can the Alleycat be used to loop, or is it too heavy?

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